Comcast and Boston Public Schools: Making Connections With Laptops and Digital Literacy Skills

Through a special partnership with Comcast and Boston Public Schools, Raymond F. of Hyde Park not only received a brand new laptop, but he also got the gift of connection – to all the internet has to offer, yes, but more importantly, to his granddaughter.

“[The program] taught me so much – from cooking to dealing with teenagers,’’ said Raymond, who was one of 500 laptop recipients via Comcast and the Parent University Program run by BPS. “The best part was that it not only helped me connect with my granddaughter on her level, it also helped teach me how to be patient.”

With free and low-cost Internet available to every Bostonian through programs such as Internet Essentials, Lift Zones (33 WiFi connected community centers in the City of Boston alone) and community impact investments focused on building digital literacy, Comcast is working with our community partners to ensure everyone who needs it has the know-how and tools to get online. Each broadband connection provides access to new learnings, experiences and opportunities for individuals to get closer with their communities and families.

Boston Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Brenda Cassellius knows how important it is to have a public-private partnership with companies like Comcast who develop products, services and programs to improve the neighborhoods and communities where our employees and our customers live and work.

“I complete many correspondences to my staff and our families by reinforcing the community sentiment that we are ‘better together’, because we truly are. I am extremely grateful to partner organizations like Comcast who contribute to the educational success of Boston Public School students and their families,” said Cassellius. “Closing the technological divide and increasing digital literacy is critical to the futures and success of not only our students, but also their families. These laptops will directly benefit our parents and guardians, and will have a tangible impact on the entire district. We are all very thankful for this generous support.”

Here’s a video on how access to computers, the internet and Parent University programming has been so impactful to Boston parents:

For more than a decade, Comcast NBCUniversal has been on a mission to address digital inequity. Building on this substantial work, coupled with a $1 billion digital equity commitment over the next 10 years and associated initiatives, we are working to leverage technology, internet connectivity and digital skills training as pathways to create personal and professional growth opportunities for people of all ages.

In 2021, Comcast provided more than $700,000 in support to Boston nonprofits working to address digital equity and provide digital literacy skills to their patrons. For example, Comcast awarded Tech Goes Home with a $25,000 grant to help the organization connect more seniors in Greater Boston with digital devices, Internet Essentials and digital skills training. In addition, Comcast provided a $25,000 grant to One Bead as part of the company’s Internet Essentials awareness building efforts.

“Comcast recognizes the importance of empowering parents to advocate and partner with their schools while also supporting Boston Public Schools’ critically important work throughout the City of Boston,” said Tim Kelly, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs in Comcast’s Greater Boston Region. “The combination of Internet Essentials, laptops and digital literacy training is the recipe for success in a digital world.”

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