Meet Jeff! One of the Many Faces of Comcast in Greater Boston

At Comcast, we are proud to be a military-ready company. As we observe National Veterans and Military Families Month throughout November and in honor of Veterans Day, we are always reminded of the service and sacrifice of our military community, including many of our employees.

One of those team members is Jeff B., Senior Manager of Project Management in Massachusetts. We asked Jeff to tell us more about his career and reflect on his own military service. Read on to see what he has to say:

Q: What is your current role and how long have you been with Comcast?

I am currently a Senior Manager of Project Management, for Comcast’s Northeast Division, and have been with the company for more than 16 years. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to oversee important initiatives such as the installation of Comcast Lift Zones, which provide community members such as veterans, students and families with free, high-speed WiFi. Comcast has opened more than 1,250 Lift Zones in community centers across the country – with 80 locations in Massachusetts alone.

Q: How has Comcast’s commitment to the Military Community/Military Ready status motivated you as a Veteran?

For me, it’s about giving back to those that gave so much for us. While I’ve since fortunately recovered, I was injured in 2006, which ended my Army career much earlier than I had planned. This sat with me for years as I struggled with a sense of failure to my unit, my country, and my family. Being able to work for a company that has a commitment to the Military Community has helped me cope with those struggles. Being active in our Veteran communities and providing support to get them back on their feet or just offer an ear to listen really motivates me!

Q: Tell us about your involvement in Comcast’s “Operation Old Glory” program.

Through Operation Old Glory, Comcast employees replace worn American flags at homes and businesses in the community with new ones, free of charge, regardless of whether they are Comcast customers or not. It’s phenomenal. I could not be prouder of our company for investing in this program or our flag ambassadors who directly lead this effort. Our employees are going above and beyond to identify flags that need to be replaced while also ensuring that the old flag is properly cared for.

Our ambassadors are made up of technicians and supervisors who are in neighborhoods and communities every day. The respect and care they take in retiring the flags is second to none. As a veteran, to see this and take part in these retirements humbles me and makes me incredibly proud of our Comcast family.

Q: What is a current initiative at Comcast that you are most excited about?

We are in the process of standing up an “Adam’s Corner” at the Fisher House in West Roxbury, MA, which will allow a safe space for kids to read, play and just be a kid while their parents are dealing with challenging life situations.

Q: Recently, you were part of “George to the Rescue” on NBC and its efforts to help a local nonprofit. What can you tell us about that?

Each “George to the Rescue” episode focuses on helping a nonprofit throughout the country. I had the privilege to help oversee the renovation support of the Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center in Gardner, MA, which was featured on the latest episode. 

During the episode, Comcast surprised the staff with news that made the Center was going to become a Comcast Lift Zone – providing WiFi throughout the complex to benefit the veterans who reside in the center and – and also provided 50 laptops to the Center’s residents. And, when the veterans are ready to move into their forever home, they’ll qualify for Comcast’s Internet Essentials program and receive the Internet for free, thanks to the Federal Government’s Affordable Connectivity Program

And, watch the segment here:

Q: What do you like to do outside of your role in your free time?

I love to watch my son play high school football along with spending quality time with my family and friends.

To learn more about the company’s ongoing commitment to the military community, click here.

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